The first business in the center is a private psychological practice Dr Croft, Psychologist.) that serves the general public. Other tenants may include insurance sales, mortgage brokers, leasing agents, financial advisors, health professionals, computer/web services, import/export services, business consultants, et cetera.

Typical Tenants

The typical tenant is an independent business person, who recognizes the value of a location in the heart of the City of Edmonton. Office needs are outsourced to concentrate on one's own core business, without sacrificing necessary infrastructure. There is a need for clean/fresh air to be available through the heating and air-conditioning systems, with managed access/security for both tenants and clients, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The tenant works and provides client services whenever they are needed! After-hours secure client access is out of the weather. The tenant and clients need confidentiality of conversations and other communications, involving effective sound-proofing and personal business equipment. Direct client contact is preferred. Appointments, letters/reports, voice/text mail and phone calls are all managed skillfully by the individual's own use of today's technology. Such a business person may need access to offsite computers/networks, involving a home office or a head-office or a partner in a different city. Although there is not a need for the ongoing expenses of secretarial and receptionist services, there is a strong desire for a turn-key operation on a flexible lease term that adapts to changing needs. The tenant may be a start-up venture, be setting up a satellite operation, prefer not to see clients at their home office or simply need to provide cost effective professional services from a prestigious downtown location. The tenant wants dedicated on-site parking, with exceptional on-street parking for clients.