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Advantages of Business Centre

Many independent business people do much of their administrative work in a home office, but need to meet with their clients throughout the day, evening or weekend hours. They do not want clients coming to their place of residence. It is very difficult to find effective office space to lease in the downtown core, without the size and cost being excessive to needs and budgets. However, the tenant needs enough space to conveniently discuss issues with more than one client at a time. It must be disability barrier-free for their and their clients' needs. They need office space that has effective security and heating/air conditioning services that are operational outside of typical weekday hours. They expect their working environment to be non-smoking and to have exceptional fresh air ventilation. They want their clients to be comfortable and alert, whether they are in the office environment for minutes or hours. They and their clients want convenient parking right by the office. On a personal note, they want access to public fitness facilities or to be able to exercise at their pleasure in the river valley. Stress management is an integral part of an executive's or professional's life. Such business people have a strong regard for the utmost privacy of client conversations and communications, e.g., emails, voice mails, letters, facsimiles, written documents, credit transactions, etcetera.

There is on-site management of the office environment by the owner, with constant external monitoring of security/fire/safety needs. Each office has separate locks. All the tenants maintain their own independent business identity. Tenants recognize the benefits of the synergy from operating in a small community of like-minded business people. They do not want to be someone else's employee and pay 40 to 60 percent of their gross income for operational expenses. Each tenant concentrates on ensuring his/her own business grows, not building up someone else's.